It is not just about making learning easy, but building curious learners –

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It is not just about making learning easy, but building curious learners –

It is not just about making learning easy, but building curious learners

Learning is a never ending process. Steve Jobs once said “Learn continually – there is always one more thing to learn. “ And not just him, there are many great leaders across the globe who have sworn about the importance of continuous learning. Learning by definition is a process of acquiring new understanding, skills or values. While this stands true as a definition, effective learning is what students need today.

Lots of research has been conducted on how the human brain captures information and how this translates into learning. These insights help build learning models for effective learning. Curiosity in children leads them to ask questions. When they get the answers they seek, their interests get further fortified and so grows their desire to know more. This curiosity in learning can help them grasp new subjects and concepts clearly, while keeping their enthusiasm to learn new things alive.

Teachers around the worldhave been adopting ways to make learning fun, engaging and interesting through various means. But since the pandemic hit us, the education sector has undergone a complete transformation. Online Classes have become the new reality for most, with everyone including schools and tuitions to EdTech companies adopting new tools and methodologies to make learning happen online. Many just took an offline lecture approach online, while others introduced various e-tools to keep their learners engaged.

Geneo –  an online learning solution that brings together deep learning pedagogy and cutting edge technology to create a platform that enables every student to become a better learner and make their learning experience more satisfying and complete.

At Geneo we have made learning easy and engaging for students. Here students get the advantage to either follow one particular learning mode or take a multi-mode approach in order to realise their learning goals.

The learning content available is based on scientific pedagogy and research and is offered around the pattern of Learn – Apply – Revise – Assess. Through this pedagogical approach each student is taken through a journey focusing on his/her individual learning needs.

With this self-paced learning, students can understand and then deep dive into concepts to test what they learn, get truly amazed with all the new found knowledge they attain and in the process satisfy their quest to know more. AI enabled learning guides students along their learning journey and customizes a path best suited for their individual progress. With Teacher led learning students get the added advantage of learning under a teacher’s guidance, interacting with them for further assistance and getting resolutions for their queries.

So Geneo doesn’t just provide educational multimedia content to make learning more interesting, but it goes many steps further by making the entire learning journey more personalized and mapped to each student’s individual learning needs, pace and progress. We aspire not just to complement school education but to complete the all-round learning needs of students to make them better and more curious learners.

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