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About Geneo

Geneo is a digital initiative of Schoolnet India Ltd, one of India's largest edtech companies. Schoolnet India Limited, offers customised learning solutions designed to cater to the needs of students, teachers, educators, parents and communities with a view to improving learning outcomes and the educational eco-system comprehensively. We place the learner at the core of our solutions which enable teachers to deliver programmes that have a direct impact on learning and thereby groom both thinkers and leaders.

Belief Belief

We believe in simplicity of solutions and therefore rely on making our solutions interactive, portable, immersive, technology-driven and need-based. We leverage information, communication and technology (ICT) to enhance teaching-learning experiences. Our education services aim to build and nurture a holistic learning environment in schools through innovative teacher education programmes supported by technology and non-technology based initiatives.

Work Work

We work as a trusted partner to the Central and State Governments, private schools, educational institutions and international agencies in their pursuit of improving the learning environment and quality of education.

Impact Impact

Our solutions have reached more than 40,000 government and private schools to help engagement and effectiveness of teaching-learning practices. With 20+ technology partners we deliver quality education and resources and have impacted 15 million + students.

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