Changing Trends in Education

Education Trends

Changing Trends in Education

So, how has learning changed over the years? From our experiences itself, a plethora of ready responses would pop-up. Truly, this question doesn’t need much research, as we bear witness to this ‘phenomenon’, and the gamut of changes it has brought about in the ways taught, and the ways learnt. However, the balance between the theatre-style, chalk-and-talk method of teaching/rote learning, and EdTech solutions is a fine task that requires dexterity. The answer lies in: blended learning solutions.

With the slow, yet steady acceptance, and hence popularity of this solution, innovations are sprouting in the concerned domain. Geneo, however, shows the way. Before the USPs of the this ‘learn, anytime, anywhere, customized learning solution’ are explored, it is important to understand that a blended solution is, indeed, the answer to the tight rope that teachers have to walk, while striving to enhance learning outcomes, whilst empowering themselves.

Geneo serves as the answer to the above stated challenge in not only a cost-effective, but also in an out-of-the-box manner; the delivery of mapped, customized, and interactive multimedia content, including a number of communication tools such as animations, videos, exploriments, among others, make learning easy and engaging. Features such as concept maps and assessments help in revision and test preparation, which, in turn, enables students to score well in exams. Mentor support provides one-to-one Q&A based teacher access that not only helps clear doubts, but also drives better understanding of even complex concepts, strengthening them, something that may not be possible in a one-to-many school environment. Hence, the app not only promotes an amalgamation of self-paced learning, digital content and mentor support, but also facilitates the enhancement of learning outcomes by making learning fun.

In a nutshell: Geneo brings all important stakeholders in the education ecosystem on a single platform. Students, teachers and parents collaborate to achieve common learning objectives. The school benefits by positioning itself as a cutting-edge education provider. So, besides teachers and students, parents too can track their child’s progress, topic-wise anytime and anywhere, which otherwise may not be possible through traditional contact points like parent teacher meeting. On the other hand, schools too reap rich benefits from the application of the app: In the new age of competitive education delivery, Geneo can help schools create a big differentiator in their core offering by allowing easy collaboration on a virtual platform. It equips the hardware with interactive content that enhances the usage of tools like smart boards & projectors and takes the learning and teaching experience to the best optimum level.

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