Best site to get CBSE online study material and sample paper for class 8

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Best site to get CBSE online study material and sample paper for class 8

Class 8 is an important grade in a student’s schooling journey. It helps to build foundations for higher classes to follow in subsequent years. So to have a good understanding of concepts taught across all subjects in this grade is very important.

Since regular school classes have some limitations due to the number of students, infrastructure and student-teacher ratio etc: students often look for an outside support system to help them improve with studies and score better marks. Tuitions and supplementary books are a popular option among students to make up for shortcomings in conventional classroom teaching at school. These usually help in filling in the gaps, but often these alone are not enough for every child as each of us have a different learning aptitude and grasping ability.

It is to answer this growing need of providing a support system for students to help them with their education, that online learning apps like Geneo are worth a look. Geneo is an intuitive digital learning platform which brings together deep learning pedagogy and state-of-the-art software technology together to offer students a simpler, more efficient and a more complete way to study. To give students of classes 6 to 10, an extended learning support to complement their schooling based on CBSE framework, Geneo offers a range of features and curated learning content which is directly based on the CBSE curriculum, mapped chapter and subject wise to the NCERT class textbooks. The availability of verified CBSE online study material is of great help for students as it makes anywhere and anytime learning possible using just a digital device like mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Geneo offers the following study material for classes 6 to 10 including class 8.

Digitized Textbooks – digitized version of NCERT textbooks for easy access & valued-added features

Learning Videos – Animated & Teacher-led videos explaining concepts in an easy-to-learn manner with relevant examples

Practice – Chapter-wise quizzes to aid revision and self-evaluation

Subjects Covered – Science, Maths, English, History, Geography, Social and Political Life

Students can also benefit with live classes and CBSE sampler paper for class 8. Live classes are live sessions with expert mentors where one-to-one doubts can be clarified with the mentor in real time. Sampler papers provide previous years question papers for practice and self-assessment.

To study with Geneo, register at and fill out the required details and preferences. Now access the subject and chapter you wish to study. You will be taken to your dashboard onto the chapter you selected. Read through the pages, create notes, highlight or underline with the in-built tools provided. Once done you can view learning videos to get better clarity on concepts taught in the chapter. Then in the apply and revise sections you can further make your learning thorough and go over what you learnt. Finally take assessments to test your knowledge and identify shortcomings.

Overall Geneo is a great website to access CBSE online study material and CBSE sample paper for class 8 and all other classes from 6 to 10.

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